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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dallas Cowboys 2008 Draft Grades
Overall Grade: B-

Pick 1: Round 1 Pick #22
Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas – Grade: B

Rationale: The Cowboys were sitting pretty at pick 22 with the best RB left on the board and we screwed it up. I like Jones, don’t get me wrong, but to pass on Mendenhall because he was an every down type of back is ridiculous. What’s wrong with being capable of carrying a load? God forbid we have an injury at RB, because Jerry has already admitted Felix is only a complimentary back.
Notes: Will wear #28 for the Dallas Cowboys

Pick 2: Round 1 Pick #25
Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida – Grade A

Rationale: In my opinion this was the best draft day move Jerry made, the only thing that would have been better, would have been picking him at #22. This guy was the top rated CB on some Draft Boards, but was in the top 3 among CB on every Draft Board. Jenkins is a great pick up, he’ll be able to step in immediately in Nickel situations, contribute on special teams, and won’t have the added pressure of having to start like most other rookies. This should give him some time to season at his position, and learn the quickness of the NFL.
Notes: Will wear #31 for the Dallas Cowboys

Pick 3: Round 2 Pick #61
Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M – Grade B+

Rationale: I understand this pick, with Fasano gone and only having Tony Curtis as a back-up, this was defiantly a position we needed to draft. But at this spot? Jerry has said he didn’t draft Bennett to be a back up, but that having Bennett added another dimension to the offense. Bennett is a big target, and will hopefully be a big redzone threat. I would have liked to see the Cowboys try and trade into a lower pick and get one of the premier receivers in this years Draft.
Notes: Will wear #80 for the Dallas Cowboys

Pick 4: Round 4 Pick #122
Tashard Choice, RB, Georgia Tech – Grade C

Rationale: If we would have selected Mendenhall with the 22nd pick then this pick would have been completely different. Drafting Mendenhall at #22 would have given Jerry all the leverage he needed in negotiations with MBIII, drafting Felix Jones cut Jerry’s legs out from underneath him, so Jerry had to draft this years MBIII in Tashard Choice, just to have some leverage in negotiating with Barber.

Pick 5: Round 5 Pick #143
Orlando Scandrick, CB, Boise St. – Grade: B+

Rationale: Even after bringing in Pac Man, and drafting Mike Jenkins earlier in the draft, Scandrick is an excellent pick up. Newman is coming up on a contract year, Henry is aging, and nobody is convinced Pac Man Is going to be a choir boy, so why not add depth at a thin position. A lot of boards had Scandrick going in the late 2nd or early 3rd, so getting him in the 5th is a great value pick.

Pick 6: Round 6 #167
Erik Walden, DE, Middle Tennessee St. – Grade D?

Rationale: I have to admit my knowledge on Walden is Minimal at best. I know he will probably transition into a 3-4 OLB to back up Ware, Ellis, and Spencer. I don’t understand this pick though, we have 3 really good OLB’s, and we spent a 1st round pick 2 drafts ago on Bobby Carpenter. Maybe there are plans on moving Carpenter to ILB permanently. I know a lot of experts had Walden rated as a post draft Free Agent, maybe Jerry sees something in him no one else does, or perhaps he can play receiver and this is Jerry’s “WOW” in the draft.

Draft Notes:
I think the Post Parcells ERA might be a lot like the Pre Parcells ERA. A lot of wheeling, a lot of dealing, and a bunch of Cowboy Fans left scratching their heads. I think this was a good draft don’t get me wrong, we added depth at some key positions, added some playmakers, but I don’t think we played our cards the best we could have. We traded out 3 times in the third round, and didn’t once address our need at WR. I’m not sold on Terry Glenn coming back 100%, and the overall age of our WR core has to be among the oldest. Another position I would have liked to see the Cowboys address is OG, Joe Berger is the only OG backup we have on the roster, every other position has at least 2 backups. Maybe Doug Free can play OG and OT, I don’t know. Finally, what about Safety? Did everyone at Valley Ranch forget that Keith Davis gone and that Williams isn’t exactly among the elite Safeties in the league anymore? I understand that this Draft was one of the worst I’ve ever seen as far as Safety is concerned, but we need to do something, get someone at least that’s capable of backing up Roy.

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